Runtian Zhike signed strategic cooperation agreements with Yueyang Stable Construction, Quanyuan Construction Engineering, and Hunan Ruihang

Date : 2023-09-06     Views : 2741
On September 5, a high-profile signing ceremony was held grandly at the Yueyang Intelligent Manufacturing Base of Hunan Runtian Zhike Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Witnessed by Wu Guangwen, deputy secretary of the Yueyang County Party Committee and county magistrate, Yao Zhengda, secretary of the Yueyang High-tech Industrial Park Management Committee, and Zhou Nian, director of the Yueyang High-tech Industrial Park Management Committee, Runtian Zhike cooperated with Yueyang Wenjian Building Materials Co., Ltd., Quanyuan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Hunan Ruihang Engineering Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement and signed the first batch of purchase orders for mobile crushing equipment. The first batch of cooperation amounts totaled 37 million yuan.

The highly compatible corporate culture and the belief in developing the construction solid waste industry have allowed three major companies, Yueyang Stable Construction, Quanyuan Construction Engineering, and Hunan Ruihang, to find Runtian Zhike at the same time. At the signing ceremony, Runtian Zhike had in-depth exchanges with its partners on concentrating superior resources to establish a close strategic partnership in the future. At the same time, the two parties will continue to deepen the research and development and manufacturing of intelligent green mobile crushing equipment, the construction of sand and gravel processing production lines, and the reuse of solid waste resources. and many other aspects of cooperation. By establishing a strategic partnership, both parties will jointly respond to industry challenges and jointly promote the development of green and intelligent building materials.

Chang Yu, chairman of Runtian Zhike, expressed his gratitude to Yueyang Stable Construction, Quanyuan Construction Engineering and Hunan Ruihang for their trust and support. He also mentioned that construction solid waste is called an "urban mineral deposit" that will never be exhausted and can be recycled and reused. , valuable resources that realize resource utilization and reduction processing. Runtian Zhike continues to accelerate the pace of high-quality development driven by innovation. It has a professional manufacturing factory of mobile crushing equipment covering more than 100 acres, and creates mobile crushing and screening equipment with superior adaptability and significant economic benefits, with a full set of comprehensive, full series, one-stop Green digital construction solid waste and sand and gravel processing solutions empower customers to improve production and operation efficiency.

Achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality is a major strategic decision made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core after careful consideration. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that "accelerating the construction of a waste recycling system" and "developing Green and low-carbon industry" and "accelerate the research, development, promotion and application of advanced energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies."

Taking this signing as an opportunity, Runtian Zhike will continue to base itself on the needs of segmented scenarios, adhere to technological innovation, continue to overcome technical problems in sand and gravel crushing and screening, provide a richer product portfolio, and solutions with higher operational value, and provide a substantial Improve the efficiency of disposal and utilization of construction waste resources and the efficiency of sand and gravel processing production to stimulate more motivation and vitality, and work with customers to achieve more economic, social, and ecological environmental benefits.

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