Attack accurately and shine on the Silk Road! Runtian Zhike’s blockbuster products debut at the 2023 Southeast Asia International Construction Machinery Exhibition

Date : 2023-12-06     Views : 1300

Mountains and seas are not far away, lets go to Malay together for the appointment. From November 29th to December 1st, the 2023 Southeast Asia International Construction Machinery Exhibition 2023 CICEE SOUTHEAST ASIA SUB-EXHIBITION with the theme of "High-end, Intelligent, Green-New Generation Construction Machinery" was held at the International Trade Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The center held a grand event. The "New Generation Construction Machinery" delegation - Runtian Zhike and more than 120 exhibitors in the industry gathered in Kuala Lumpur to witness this industry event.



Accurate attack shows strength

As a high-end manufacturer of complete sets of engineering machinery equipment, Runtian Zhike made a wonderful appearance with a number of blockbuster product models and overall solutions for material production in the fields of engineering mixing, crushing and regeneration, fully demonstrating the complete set advantages of Runtian Zhikes products, and fully demonstrating wisdom and The beauty of power and craftsmanship.


The highly integrated concrete mixing station, the foundation-free environmentally friendly stabilized soil mixing station and the asphalt mixing station with outstanding over-production performance can be regarded as the benchmark of engineering mixing products and a model of efficiency. Mixing station products have become active participants in infrastructure projects at home and abroad due to their unique design of fast transportation and quick installation, as well as their strong adaptability to various extreme environments such as high altitude, high cold, and high temperature.


In the sand and gravel crushing and screening product exhibition area, the impact crushing station, jaw crushing station, cone crushing station, sand making machine and screening station are displayed in complete sets, which reflects that Runtian Zhike provides customers with "customized and complete" sand and gravel production. The power of solutions. The products are highly efficient and stable, green and low-carbon, smart and convenient, and are highly consistent with the theme of this exhibition, and have received attention and praise from many industry experts and professional audiences.

At the exhibition site, the reception staff introduced the technical advantages, product features, after-sales service and sales agent policies of Runtian Zhike products to the customers visiting the exhibition. Their enthusiastic and professional explanations attracted the attention of local construction machinery professionals, and many customers launched detailed discussions on the spot. of negotiations.

National brands shine on the Silk Road

Malaysia is located in the center of Southeast Asia, guarding the Strait of Malacca. It has obvious location advantages and has historical, cultural, location and other favorable factors in the joint construction of the "Belt and Road". The beautiful and high-quality exhibit models on Runtian Zhikes booth attracted the attention of merchants from various countries in Southeast Asia as soon as they were unveiled.


As early as 2011, Runtian Zhike has laid out its presence in the Southeast Asian market. Its various series of products are deeply trusted by local customers. With stable quality, strong performance, and high-quality services, it has won the trust of Southeast Asian markets such as Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Singapore. unanimous approval. In recent years, Runtian Zhike has accelerated its integration into the “One Belt, One Road” initiative, fully developed overseas markets, and continuously made new breakthroughs in international development. Malaysia, located in the center of Southeast Asia, is one of Runtian Zhikes key overseas markets.



This exhibition attracted enthusiastic visits from local customers in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, which reflected the local market’s recognition of Runtian Zhike’s products and brands. Runtian Zhike’s various products will usher in a broader development space in the local market. .


In the future, Runtian Zhike will continue to expand overseas markets, actively participate in the infrastructure construction of Southeast Asian countries, contribute to the "Belt and Road" construction with practical actions, and provide high-value products and services to global customers.


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