I am a service engineer丨Break the rules and help customers achieve new breakthroughs in cost reduction

Date : 2023-06-15     Views : 2571

Summer is here and the scorching June is slowly opening its splendid chapter. As the after-sales service engineers of Runtian Zhike, our team is ready every day to respond to customer needs at any time.


Recently, our service engineer Zhang Gong received a notification from a customer in Loudi that the mixing station of the project is ready for commissioning and production.Zhang Gong set off immediately and arrived at the site at noon. In less than half a day, he completed the debugging work and started trial production of the mixing station.

During the trial production process, Zhang Gong was keenly aware that the customer was using machine-made sand as raw material, and the special properties of this sand could easily lead to problems with pot sticking and shaft holding.He immediately took measures to transform the waterway, and the rectification work was highly recognized by the customer.


The debugging work was accepted, but Zhang Gong was not in a hurry to leave.He remembered that customers had told him that since the use of machine-made sand as raw material for production, the situation of the host holding the shaft and sticking to the pan has increased significantly, and this situation was more serious on other brands of hosts purchased before, and they could only improve the cleaning and maintenance. Frequency, which leads to a significant increase in costs and production efficiency is also affected.


In order to completely solve this problem, Zhang Gong held an online discussion with the R&D and design engineers at the company headquarters.Accompanied by the night, Mr. Zhang came to the mixing platform again and began to adjust the position and direction of the fly ash and cement inlets.Like a soldier fighting silently, he struggled late into the night under the light of electric sparks, never giving up, just to find a solution to the problem.


Finally, when Zhang left the project site, the mixing station had continuously produced nearly 1,000 cubic meters of concrete. When he opened the mixing tank, there was no trace of any sticky concrete inside.


"Choose one thing and focus on it. Whenever I solve a problem, I feel extremely inspired. This also strengthens my determination to overcome the problem. No matter what difficulties I encounter in the future, I have the confidence and courage to solve them. "Zhang Gong looked back on his work with a sense of accomplishment.


Runtian Zhikes after-sales service engineer team adheres to the concept of customer first. Through superb technology and professional services, it constantly breaks the rules, helps customers reduce costs and increase efficiency, and provides customers with all-round support and help. Provide the highest quality service.

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