Quality leads, delivery is reliable!In the second quarter, Runtian Zhike helped customers get twice as much work as they did by “mixing”

Date : 2023-07-04     Views : 2854

The sun is shining brightly, and as we enter the bright moment of summer, the good news of the delivery of dozens of sets of mixing equipment from Runtian Zhike comes one after another. The benchmark mixing stations standing in various key projects shine brightly like the blazing sunshine.


In the second quarter, Runtian Zhike concrete batching plant once again demonstrated excellent quality and reliable delivery capabilities.As an industry leader, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services to help improve the quality and efficiency of engineering projects.

Quality leads and shapes excellence


Paying attention to product quality, we adopt the most advanced production equipment and processes and strictly control every production link to ensure the stability and reliability of our products.The mixing station is carefully designed with an efficient mixing system and precise metering device to produce uniform and stable concrete to meet the needs of various engineering projects.Whether it is infrastructure construction or housing construction, Runtian Zhike concrete mixing station can provide customers with reliable supply guarantee.

Reliable delivery, service-oriented

We are well aware of the importance our customers place on product delivery time.Through excellent supply chain management and efficient logistics system, Runtian Zhike has successfully achieved 100% on-time delivery of products.The production line has fully introduced an intelligent manufacturing management system, which not only has the ability to produce and deliver products in large quantities, but can also quickly adjust according to customer needs and flexibly meet the requirements of different engineering projects.

Comprehensive service, growing together

Runtian Zhike can not only provide customers with high-quality products and on-time delivery, but is also committed to providing customers with comprehensive services and growing together with customers.The experienced technical team can provide professional consultation and technical support to help customers solve various problems encountered during the construction process.No matter you have any questions about concrete mixing technology, construction plans or material selection, the professional R&D and design team will listen patiently and provide solutions.Through close communication and cooperation, we work with customers to achieve project success.

Sustainable development, environmental protection first

Use technology to improve the construction environment, and use expertise to protect green waters and green mountains.Runtian Zhike equips its products with advanced environmental protection technology and equipment to ensure low carbon and low emissions in the production process.Actively explore green production models and make positive contributions to environmental protection and sustainable development.


Since the second quarter, Runtian Zhike's product sales and delivery performance have both achieved success, once again demonstrating its excellent quality and reliable delivery capabilities.


With quality leadership, reliable delivery, comprehensive services and sustainable development as our core strengths, we always insist on providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services.Join hands with global customers to create high-quality and high-quality engineering projects!


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